Elmedia Player: the Best Codec Pack Player for Mac

Olga Weis

Surely every user has had a situation when a media player started to play the sound but there was no video. Or a player could not open the video file at all displaying a bunch of error messages and offering to download some codecs. So what are codecs? Do you really need them?

A codec is a set of programs, even instructions, used to convert data or signals into a proper form that is comfortable for viewing, storing or making changes. In other words, codecs are somewhat dictionaries that a computer uses to read and understand unclear formats of video and audio files. A video codec compresses or reduces the size of any video data, e.g. video, video stream and then restores it. This software determines how to pack the video content and, accordingly, to unpack and play the video file. But video playing is not a codec’s task. This prerogative belongs to video or media players.

The list of codec packs for playing video content:

K-Lite Codec Pack

This universal pack of codecs and utilities was designed for viewing as well as processing audio and video files. It includes a large number of open-source or freeware codecs and utilities. Among its advantages you can find frequent updates, fully customizable installation, careful codec selection, etc. It also avoids potential conflicts with other packages, detects and removes corrupted codecs and filters. There are 4 pack options that differ only in number of components: Basic, Standard, Full and Mega. K-Lite Codec has a full set of DirectShow video filters, VFW video codec packs, DirectShow audio filters and ACM audio codec packs.

Xvid Codec

Xvid Codec is a K-Lite codec alternative, a good utility that compresses video without any quality loss and reduces the memory space on a computer. It also converts various MPEG-4 files, has a built-in option for editing a program code, and combines Xvid with DivX or 3VIX. Xvid Codec has lots of benefits, such as an open source code that allows any programmer to make changes in it, little space on the hard disk, free download, instant launch right after installation, no requirements to additional software installs, and compact file size.

DivX Codec Pack

DivX Codec pack is a set of codecs that are used for playing all most popular video formats. The codec has advanced features allowing to transfer video files to game consoles, to play DivX, AVI, MKV, MP4 and other formats in high quality. DivX is able to reproduce audio files with subtitles and has a good playback speed. Among its vivid advantages you can point out the simplicity of installation process, free download, video and audio playback in high resolution as well as sound, and support of all known extensions. It is surely one of the best codec packs for Windows.

MP4 Codec Pack

MP4 codecs are used to encode and decode files in MP4 format. They also support such formats as WMV, MKV, MOV, AVI, FLV, WMA, WAV, etc. They are very easy to install and use.

MKV Codec Pack

It’s a universal pack of codecs. A special attention is paid to MKA and MKV (Matroska) formats. Matroska supports all types of subtitles. You can even watch Korean clips with subtitles or download external ones. The codec pack is very compact. It supports a wide range of video filters and most popular video types. MKV format is fully supported. Audio files with FLAC encoding are reproduced without any quality loss. The pack doesn’t have extra applications that are often added to other similar packs. The MKV codecs work in any player that supports DirectShow.

Windows Media Codec Pack

This codec pack is lightweight and easy to use. It contains strong and effective codecs that are able to simply play any media files in all formats on PC. The utility is absolutely free to download and its installation is simplified to a few steps. It fits all types of users. Windows Media Codec Pack can play a wide range of audio and video formats. It has a good support and constant updates. It’s fully reliable and convenient. The pack also provides such functions as encoding and playback.

These are the most popular and effective codecs used by media players. But the main drawback for most of them is the absence of Mac versions. There are very few codec packs for Mac. They are mostly Windows utilities. But macOS doesn’t really need any of such software because there is a universal codec pack player for Mac, Elmedia Player.

Elmedia Player is a top rated app that easily plays all popular and rare used video/audio formats. It doesn’t require installing different codecs, plugins or other components as its advanced features fully replace all this stuff. You can use Elmedia as a video player, web browser alternative, video downloader (PRO), AirPlay sender/receiver (PRO) and video/audio synchronizer (any version).

With its basic package you can playback videos in any format and resolution, manage settings and playlists, view subtitles and use equalizer. By activating PRO features you get access to its browser mode allowing you to surf the net as in a fully featured browser. Elmedia Player gives you a great possibility to download not only videos in the desired quality, but to save other webpage elements like audio tracks, images, thumbnails, etc. You can make stills of the most fascinating video scenes or fully convert a movie into screenshots. The loop feature is a good help when you like an episode and want to repeat it more and more. Elmedia has big powers for changing the video view and sounding. Such options as Mirror, Rotate, Flip Vertically, Equalizer, and Video Tuner will make an old, well-known movie look and sound differently. Elmedia is definitely one of the best video viewers for Mac. With the AirPlay support you can stream your video and music to other devices like smartphone and Apple TV.

Now you have some useful information about codecs and their alternative. Choose the best option that you think is correct.