How to AirPlay Music and Videos 100% Problem Free

Olga Weis

AirPlay is the most convenient way to exchange media between Apple devices or any other gadgets supporting iTunes. Either it’s iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac or Apple TV you can freely and simply send and receive video and audio files via wireless connection. Additionally, there are lots of apps that will help you. You can use Airserver, Beamer, Airparrot or others, but the best results you will get with Elmedia Player PRO.

How to AirPlay with the Elmedia PRO App

Elmedia Player PRO is the top AirPlay streamer that can easily send media content from your smartphone to Mac as well as receive it. All devices that support AirPlay technology are used with Elmedia Player app. Besides, this app is very flexible because it can stream multimedia files between 2 Macs if the receiving computer has Elmedia or AirPlay installed.

Speaking about music streams Elmedia Player PRO can AirPlay audio files from iPhone, iPad or iPod to Mac, and from Mac to Apple TV. Its current possibilities allow iOS 9 and newer versions to receive only music content. Streaming audio to computers with large speakers is supported.

AirPlay Mac: Stream Video and Audio Formats with Elmedia Player PRO

Elmedia’s potential is really huge. It easily streams a great variety of video formats even those that you won’t find in the AirPlay list. But VIDEO_TS, SWF, and EXE are not supported. Among widely used file types there are AVI, MKV, FLV, MP4 and others. As the universal AirPlay receiver and sender Elmedia Player PRO doesn’t require converting files into particular formats as it freely reads all popular and rare types. Elmedia welcomes subtitles, so you will download them without problems if your video has any.

AirPlay streaming to Large Screen with Elmedia Player PRO

If you dream about home theater to watch your favorite movies, TV shows and sport programs on the large screen, you don’t have to buy expensive equipment for this. Everything you need is Mac, Apple TV, Wi-Fi connection and Elmedia Player PRO. Elmedia allows to AirPlay from Mac on Apple TV streaming videos in their original quality without any corruption. It’s a so-called bridge that connects 2 devices - Mac and Apple TV - for the best simulation of home theater. As a result, you achieve a top rated video and audio playback.

If you want to watch YouTube on Apple TV you can use Elmedia Player PRO for this purpose too. To choose the best resolution for your videos you should know your Apple TV type. The 4th generation is okay with up to 1080p, earlier versions support up to 720p. Streaming YouTube videos from Mac to Apple TV is obligatory with Elmedia Player PRO and Mac OS X Lion or newer versions.

The AirPlay technology is a powerful tool that somewhat reminds of Wi-Fi network. It easies users’ lives significantly as it cancels the need to copy files from one device to another for comfortable watching. But streaming videos and music is impossible without a proper utility. Elmedia Player PRO is an excellent solution that flawlessly works and brings very good results.