What’s the Best Video Enhancement Software for Mac?

Olga Weis

If your favorite video needs enhancements but you have no idea how to improve it, pay your attention to Elmedia Player app. It’s a top video quality enhancer that can modify your file the way you like.

Elmedia Player is a must-have app for Mac computers that easily plays videos and audios of any type. But it’s not an ordinary media player that you usually run across on the web. In PRO version Elmedia offers you much more possibilities than common players do. E.g. the browser mode, downloading videos from the web, extracting audios out of videos, transmitting files via AirPlay technology, etc. But one of its best possibilities is enhancing video view and playback.

Here’s the list of features that allow even non-skilled users to manage their videos. Note that none of the manipulations described below doesn’t change video quality.


If you’d like to watch your video frame-by-frame it’s not a problem with Elmedia Player. This video quality enhancer app is able to play out one frame in one go as for long as you require. You can fully control the frames not to miss anything. To play a video frame-by-frame on Mac do the following:

  1. Launch a file by clicking Play. Pause it.
  2. Click the right arrow button on your clipboard. The frames will go one by one.


This feature is not so common for videos as for images. But Elmedia Player allows you to rotate videos easily. You can do that clockwise or anticlockwise by 90० or 180०.

Flip Vertically

Flip Vertically feature was designed specifically for those who want to watch videos from a new angle. So if you are one of such users you have a good possibility to enjoy your video story upside-down with Elmedia Player. PRO Just enable Flip Vertically option.


Are you curious to see the world in the mirror? Even if this world is not real, the mirror reflection modifies objects so bizarre and awesome at the same time that it makes you wonder. Use Elmedia’s Mirror feature to see it with your own eyes.


Intensive change of frames can cause linear horizontal stripes on the video image in some media players. This effect is called interlacing and it’s quite irritating. With Elmedia Player PRO you can get rid of such an unpleasant thing and improve video quality on your Mac. Just choose deinterlace method that Elmedia offers you to get high quality video.

Slow motion

With Elmedia Player you can enjoy your video in the slow motion mode. If the video runs too fast and you can’t keep up with it or if you’d like to taste every second of your favorite scene, use this feature bravely. For this just decrease the video speed to the point you need. It’s so easy to do in Elmedia Player PRO.

If you use the slow motion mode within Elmedia’s feature pack, you can’t change the video speed for all time. But it’s okay for particular parts of the video and it’s easy to work with.

Picture-in-picture mode

Picture-in-picture mode is the use of 2 and more windows simultaneously on the desktop. With Elmedia Player you can successfully combine your favorite movie or football match and the business stuff. Its Float on Top feature will pin up a video upon all open windows.

To enhance your video playback on Mac use the following extra options that Elmedia Player offers. You can surely get new impressions from the well-known content:

  • You can set up Elmedia as default media player.
  • You can receive subtitles to a video if there are any.
  • You can repeat one episode as many times as you need with A-B loop function.
  • Your audio can sound differently if you enable the Equalizer.
  • Surround sound is a big benefit for music lovers. The possibility to adjust it can be a jackpot.

Elmedia Player PRO is an amazing video enhancement software for Mac because it breaks all video limits and restrictions that other players have. With Elmedia you don’t need to worry about bad quality, video defects, sound problems, etc. It empowers you to fix all issues very quickly and to change the playback the way you like. That’s incredible, isn’t it?