The Best Video Downloader for Mac: How to Choose?

Olga Weis

Saving online videos on Mac is still a big problem for many users. YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and other video hostings can tease watchers with interesting and appealing content, but they don’t provide any possibilities to download and watch it without the Internet network. Mac owners are very lucky in the sense that they have lots of great solutions allowing to cope with this task. Even if the service is out of work there are lots of different alternatives that are very friendly with Mac computers.

The best of such solutions was recognized Elmedia Player PRO, a universal video downloader for Mac. Elmedia Player PRO allows you to download not only video files but other web elements available on the page. You can choose the best format and resolution for your videos and enjoy the view in the highest quality. With Elmedia Player PRO you can adjust surround sound for your favorite movies as well as music. The ability to download 4K and 8K videos combined with AirPlay streaming makes it an excellent solution for the home theater alternative. If you are concerned about a player that can read flash files you surely need Elmedia Player PRO.

As there are long lists of apps that can save video files on Mac learn the main parameters which will help you determine the best downloading software.

Download Speed

A good speed is always a benefit when it comes to downloading. If you save Vimeo videos on Mac at a low speed or the YouTube downloader that was designed to work perfectly for Mac is very slow you deal with bad quality software. Low speed is inexcusable at any rate.


User interface should be simple, clear and understandable. Even if you have no idea how to use a video downloader to save MP4 files you are supposed to work with it after looking at its interface.

Choice of Format and Resolution

The app should offer you to choose the video quality which is determined by format and resolution. There is a big variety of formats (FLV, SWF, MP4, etc.) that are tailored for different devices, aims, storage data, etc. The video resolution (720p, 1080p, 4K, 8K, etc.) depends on the display of device you are going to play your video on. Mobile phones and tablets require low resolution types because their displays are small, whereas computers, TVs and large screens admit high resolutions for the best video view. If your movie downloader working on Mac is poor for these parameters you will need additional tools, such as video converters.

Downloads from YouTube

Your video downloader for Mac should support a feature allowing to get the content from YouTube and other video sharing portals. Fast downloads are the must. If the app lets you save the whole YouTube channels and playlists, it’s a real jackpot.

Audio Capture

You may come across some soundtracks that are so fascinating and good that you have to watch, download or purchase the whole movie because of this song or music. The best video downloader should not only download HD, Ultra HD or other videos on Mac, but also extract audio from videos. It means that the list of formats available for downloading should have such audio types as MP3, M4A, some variants of WebM, etc.

Customer Support

Any product should have a strong support team to satisfy all customers’ needs. Either you have a question or face some problem a support should help you. If it doesn’t, think about reliability and quality of your video downloader. But if you use a cracked app, don’t expect to get any help or refund from the company.

Consent with Mac Updates

Every time a new version of Mac OS is released your video downloader should also get updated. Otherwise you may have problems with its launching.

Tracking Video Hostings Updates

Websites that allow users to post and share video content on their pages, e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc. can sometimes change upload rules in their policies. App developers should track and keep pace with all the changes. If your downloader is not updated and you can’t use your favorite video sharing site to the maximum, make adequate conclusions.

Video and Audio Playback

The best downloaders are multifunctional. They don’t only find and save music or movies on your computer, they also play media content. It’s very comfortable to have an all-in-one tool that finds, downloads plus allows to watch videos and listen to audio without any troubles. If you are concerned about a player that can read flash files you surely need Elmedia Player.

Resuming Downloads

When you download videos on Mac the app may have some technical issues. Or your MP4 downloader works good but the Internet network has interruptions. All of this can cause corrupted downloads. The top video downloaders for Mac should resume broken downloads providing resumptions without any quality loss or restart.


If your downloader can stream video and music from one device to another via wireless connection, that’s a big win. Mac computers use the AirPlay technology, so your app should support it.

To get the best video downloader for your Mac keep in mind the aspects listed above. The app that fully meets all the criteria is Elmedia Player PRO. You can check it out for yourself.