Most Commonly Used Media Player for Mac:
Elmedia Player

If you are looking for a free video player for Mac, the Elmedia application can be the best choice. It is very versatile and can play any kind of files such as the AVI, MOV, FLV, MP3, MP4, FLAC, Blu-ray, and many more. The Elmedia Player offers the users a high-quality video playback feature in which there are no pauses or slowdowns. The concerns that lie with the synchronization of sound can be solved by the Elmedia itself because here you get an option of making adjustments in the delay of the audio playing. Another point to remember is that this application allows you free downloading.
 Mac Media Player

The most significant features of this Mac video player are as follows:

Advancement in the functionality of playlists, including options for search, manage, create, etc.

Option for bookmarking

Simple video playback options

Loop options for selected intervals and videos

Easy playback for audio

Adaptable playback speed

Supportive of the outer audio track like the automated opening of batch and loading choices

In-built volume controls

How can you use this Mac Video Player?

To use this Mac video player, some steps that you need to follow are as follows:
1 Open Media Files on Mac

Step 1: Locate the video player Mac installer

You can then search a .dmg file on the Elmedia Website. Then, go for the Appstore option.
2 Open Media Files on Mac

Step 2: Play the file that you choose

The Elmedia app includes all the files into the library before playing. There are 3 commonly used ways:

  • Drop and drag
  • Right-clicking and selecting the open
  • Then, make a manual selection in the browser of the file.
3 Play Media Files on Mac

Step 3: Enjoy the movie